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After stressful working days, the Management Board of Hanoi – Saigon Construction & Trading Co., Ltd (Hasacon) organized a company trip to Song Hong Resort for all employees with the goal of upgrading collective spirit.

Starting at 5 am, passing a long way after more than 1 hour, we also arrived.



The trip not only helps everyone relax and energize the work, but also tightens the spirit of solidarity in the company. People have a lot of time together, play together, eat and sing, so they understand each other better and easily share difficulties at work.

Imagine, just opening your eyes to be able to immerse yourself in the ecological space with green trees and fresh water surface of Dam Vac lake will certainly not be more wonderful than that. Besides the space filled with green trees, there is also a large swimming pool with cool blue water to comfortably relax and soak up the fresh air here.

The whole world has shrunk down to a united, strong and growing collective – That is the Hasacon collective.

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