Construction of industrial projects, factories in Vietnam

It is a rapidly growing industry both now and in the future. Construction is an important job contributing to the completion of the project on schedule and with quality. From those urgent needs, we have established   Company  HASACON : specializing in providing construction consultancy for projects and industrial works.

Come to the construction of HASACON

  • Absolute quality: Commitment to the quality of the work is the top criterion
  • The most competitive price: The most competitive cost compared to the ground
  • Fast construction progress: Absolutely on-time construction progress
  • Open service attitude: Open and friendly, attentive service attitude, polite
  • The best after-sales mode: Many after-sales modes for customers to choose
  • Construction warranty: Commitment to construction warranty with you.
  • Design and construction of industrial factories: Pre-engineered steel building frames, steel truss frames, steel frames for factories, industrial warehouses…
  • Designing, processing and manufacturing steel structures, construction mechanics, metal structures…
  • Construction and installation of dust and exhaust gas treatment systems: Wood dust collection system, Bag Filter dust treatment system, Industrial dust filter system, Wet and dry paint dust treatment system. Cyclone dust collection system

==>> Commitment:

✔ Using quality materials, strictly complying with architectural and technical drawings

✔ Complete handover, inspection, strict quality control.


From detailed drawings to construction is an inseparable process, the influence of the accuracy of the details on the drawings is always an important factor determining the quality, safety, and accuracy. project sustainability.

Therefore, Hasacon company always strictly respects the main design drawings to ensure maximum benefits of customers.