HASACON Company would like to sincerely thank our customers who have trusted in using our construction consulting services. We will continue to strive to bring the best services to our customers.

With a team of highly specialized and experienced engineers, HASACON is proud to provide customers with quality consulting services. Some typical services are:

  1. Consultancy on interior and exterior design, architecture
  2. Project management and supervision consulting
  3. Design consultancy – construction of civil and industrial works
  4. Consulting and design of systems electricity, industrial water
  5. Design consultancy – installation of fire protection systems in the workshop
  6. Feng shui consulting in the field of construction
  7. Consulting and design of ventilation and cooling systems for factories
  8. Consulting on project management and quality supervision
  9. And many other quality construction consulting services

dịch vụ tư vấn xây dựng

Professional construction consulting service

Currently, HASACON has been serving many foreign partners. For each customer, we prepare a detailed construction consulting contract to ensure the best interests of the customer. Therefore, customers can be completely assured when using HASACON’s services.

Details of some construction consulting services

HASACON has been providing a lot of consulting services in the field of construction. Within the narrow scope of this article, we cannot cover them all. Therefore, we would like to introduce to you only a few services.

– Design consultancy service – construction, industrial water and electricity. This service includes consulting: electrical system design (afternoon electricity, electricity for production), lightning protection system, water supply and drainage system….

– Design consulting services – construction of civil and industrial works. Civil works include houses, hotels, Showrooms, resorts. Industrial projects include: factories, making billboards in Hai Phong, export processing zones, etc.

dich vu tu van xay dung nha xuong

– Feng Shui consulting services in construction. When using this service, you will be consulted in detail to get a project that meets all feng shui elements.

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank our partners (customers) who have trusted and supported us. That “support” is the clearest proof of the quality of our service and is also a great motivation for us to constantly improve to have an increasingly quality service.

If you need a professional construction consulting company, please contact us immediately!