Factory Design

Factory design  is a design item that we have continuously implemented for many years.
In hundreds of factories already in operation and under new construction, Hasacon we are proud to place our footprint in the perfection of production processes of enterprises. It is not of course that many large-scale factories come to us for advice on design and construction solutions.

Hasacon’s factory design solution always ensures many factors

The design plan of Hasacon factory has been given, all have undergone the serious work and meeting of a team of industrial factory design experts. The final closing plan given to the business must be the most scientific and optimal plan. Ensure a solid premise for the operation, production and business process of the enterprise. Promote and help businesses stabilize production and increase revenue.

Industrial factory design is a solution to create a workspace environment, satisfy the needs of production lines, and provide a professional living space for employers and employees. This closed environment must ensure both factors, production quality and health life.

Factory design cannot complete the functional model if the design unit does not have expertise and experience in arranging production and living functional areas. It is not possible to create an aesthetic, scientific and safe production model. As for Hasacon, we are always confident to have our qualifications and expertise, and experience in hundreds of factory projects with diverse industries. Engineers know each material well, understand the operation process of each separate workshop. Therefore, the factory design model we offer is always the optimal solution, helping investors to shorten the selection time.

The economics of factory construction will be carefully calculated by Hasacon for businesses. Factories are often built on a large scale, needing to ensure technical quality, but the desire to save investment costs is always a top priority. The cost-saving option does not lie in the limitation of labor involved in the construction, the key to the problem lies in the structural solution itself, the construction solution and the use of construction materials. Our team of architects and engineers always consider and discuss, choosing the best solution for businesses, while ensuring a beautiful factory model, scientific production and cost optimization.

Why Hasacon trusted by many businesses?

The above-mentioned superiority is just one of the reasons for businesses to find us. To receive the absolute trust of customers, quality is the important thing. Profile Design’s premises Thien Hung we have always been appreciated by:

About the staff

Hasacon commits that the team involved in the factory project are architects and engineers with many years of experience and have been granted practice certificates. Deep understanding of factory design, flexibility and creativity, sensitivity in identifying and giving construction design plans.

With the spirit of real combat, not only design on paper, each design file, there is a real interactive process at the construction site. Therefore, catching errors happens quickly, promptly taking remedial measures and is focused by us. The team of construction engineers, construction supervisors always work and are available 24/7 when the workers work. This will minimize errors that are not true with the original design documents. Minimize construction risks, factors affecting the quality and progress of factory construction.

About the design process

The design process of Dong Nai factory takes place with 4 basic steps:

  1. Receive requests for factory design from investors with basic and detailed information;
  2. Sending staff to survey the site, geological topography, discuss directly with customers more carefully about the needs and information related to the project;
  3. Finalize the basic design of the factory including the explanation of the factory design and preliminary factory drawings;
  4. Design detailed and concretized construction drawings, including: design explanations, related design drawings, construction survey documents, factory construction estimates;

The 4-step workshop design process must ensure the following basic criteria:

  • Workshop design drawings must be consistent with construction planning, landscape, natural and environmentally friendly conditions and regulations on architecture, work construction investment projects must meet applicable standards. in factory design.
  • The structure of the factory must ensure high requirements, the life of the work must be sustainable, the foundation of the building must be solid without subsidence and deformation when put into use.
  • Workshop drawings must conform to the design requirements, satisfy the needs and functions of the investor.
  • Design documents ensure safety, savings, and compliance with construction standards, fire prevention and fighting, environmental protection and related standards.
  • Safety in the event of an incident, effective for fire fighting, rescue and rescue operations, ensuring the distance between works, using fire prevention and fighting materials and equipment to minimize damage. damage of the fire to neighboring structures and the surrounding environment.
  • Maximize the advantages and disadvantages of the natural environment to ensure energy saving.
  • Take advantage of the conditions, ensure comfortable equipment, ensure hygiene, safety and health for users.

The  factory design plan that we give to customers is always the best option, considered and designed on the basis of actual ground conditions, production scale of the enterprise, investment potential. specific finances. It is this that has been receiving feelings and satisfaction about the quality of businesses.

The main design workshop model is being deployed by Hasacon

The classification and division of workshops are regulated. The design and construction of the factory must ensure the regulations and standards of the factory design that have been issued.

Currently, according to market needs and industry trends, there are two popular forms of industrial workshops:

– Design of pre-engineered steel frame factory

– Design of reinforced concrete factory

In terms of investment costs, completion time, and technical requirements, reinforced concrete factories have higher and more complicated requirements.

In order to save costs and ensure the timely completion of production, many enterprises in Dong Nai have chosen the form of pre-engineered steel frame workshops for construction.

The factory combines pre-engineered steel frame and reinforced concrete designed by Hasacon

This is a popular type of workshop today, due to low investment costs, steel structures are manufactured at the factory according to the design, so the construction as well as the flexibility when dismantling and transporting is quite easy. . With the ability to exceed the large span, businesses can scale up and still save the previous infrastructure.

With many years of experience, all factory projects are designed and constructed by us. Understanding the structure of each type will surely help your business soon choose the right factory model.

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