We understand that working in the construction industry is working in an environment that always has to ensure Occupational Safety is a priority.


   With the aim of creating a safe working environment, the Company’s Board of Directors pays special attention to ensuring the health and safety of all employees during the working process. We have developed a system of safety standards and regulations when working in accordance with the requirements of the laws of Vietnam.

   To enforce this policy, training courses, safety checks and supervision are strictly carried out according to the company’s annual schedule. We have developed, established and implemented the safety system in the company from the very beginning. And this system is being deployed and maintained in all activities of the Company.

Routine Activities

  • Safety training:
    To improve safety awareness and knowledge for all employees, Hasacon regularly organizes training courses such as:
    –  Occupational safety and health training according to Circular 27/2013/TT-BLDTBXH.
    –  Introduction to the company’s safety policy and safety standard system and safety guidelines at work (According to Hasacon’s general safety standards).
    –  Safety orientation for all subcontractor workers.
    –  Guide the implementation of occupational safety and health in offices and construction sites.
  • Daily training:
    Morning talk and safety patrol are daily implemented at sites to ensure everybody completely obey the safety procedures.
  • Weekly safety activities:
    Safety meeting and site cleaning are conducted every week in order to improve safety performance and working environment at sites.
  • Monthly safety activities:
    Safety meeting and tool checking are monthly implemented to enhance safety performance at sites . Besides, site safety patrol is carried by head office safety committee fortnightly for the purpose of keeping the unique level of safety condition for all sites.